TO OUR LOYAL BREAD BARN CUSTOMERS: Thank you for your patience over the last few months. The Bread Barn has changed owners and will continue to offer the same products that you love, along with new items, at the same location (7866 Mineral Point Road). You will still be able to buy our products at your favorite grocery stores as well!
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* We bake with chemical-free flour and stone-grind our wheat on the premises.

* We utilize a reverse osmosis (RO) water filtration system for all water used in our baking.

* The Bread Barn has been designated a Something Special From Wisconsin business.

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The Bread Barn in Madison, WIThe Bread Barn first opened its doors to the Madison community in 1983 with owner Ed Godec. Ed later sold his bakery to his daughter and son-in-law, Sue and Rob Wolfe. In January of 2005, Holly Beach purchased The Bread Barn from Sue and Rob, renaming it The Silly Yak Bakery and Bread Barn. The Silly Yak became the gluten-free side of the bakery while The Bread Barn continued with the same great whole wheat recipes along with some new breads introduced by Holly.

The Bread Barn still grinds its wheat berries into fresh flour every day to bake its delicious breads free of preservatives, oils, and other added fats. The sourdough starter is the original made from potatoes and is over 30 years old.